Staycation: The Cotswolds

Before visiting I always thought the cotswolds were a couple of small towns on the East side of Oxfordshire that had once been used to film part of The Holiday. The sheer size of the Cotswolds is huge and the area of outstanding natural beauty takes up miles upon miles of hills and countryside.

The villages that make up the Cotswolds are the ultimate staycation destination, if like me you work in a busy city and want to get away and relax for a few days. There’s nothing like getting back to basics with great food, friendly faces and quaint British villages aplenty. Continue reading “Staycation: The Cotswolds”

My Travels: Thailand, 2016

In 2016 I visited more countries that I have already been to before compared to new countries. Although I’ve always made it a priority to visit new countries and cities, there is something really nostalgic about going back to the same place more than once. It’s easy to keep certain memories from your initial visit and sometimes things are how you remembered but they can also be so different as things have changed and advanced in the years since you’ve visited. Continue reading “My Travels: Thailand, 2016”