5 Things to Know: Sunrise @ Angkor Wat

If you haven’t done so already watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat, Cambodia should be added to your travel bucket list. Whether this is something you’re in a position to tick off in the near future or you have to wait 20 years, you won’t regret it. Angkor Wat is a Unesco world heritage site and the largest religious complex in the world. Originally we planned to do sunrise to sunset exploring lots of different temples at Angkor Wat. In the end we got really tired physically and mentally and as a group we called it a day around 4/5pm. We only had one day at Angkor Wat which is enough to see the top sights, but if you’re not stretched for time then I would suggest visiting for at least two days.

You can book your tour to Angkor Wat here with Trip Advisor or Viator.

AfterlightImage 3

1. You will need to wake up ridiculously early

I’m the first to admit that I’m not great at getting up in the morning but trust me it is totally worth it. When planning your trip to Angkor Wat be prepared to wake up early. The Angkor Temples are impressive at any point of the day but being there at sunrise was magical. We woke up at 4am but there were people there already and also lots that arrived after us.

AfterlightImage 5

2. There are a huge amount of people also waiting for that perfect sunrise picture

If you have seen pictures of Angkor Wat at sunrise before then you have probably only seen the picturesque shot and you’ll have no idea just how many people are actually stood waiting for the exact same thing as you.

AfterlightImage 2

2. You will take far too many pictures as the sun starts to rise and the majority of them will also be nearly identical. 

Depending on how early you get your chosen spot at Angkor Wat you will probably start taking pictures pretty quickly. Trust me the ones you take to start with will be terrible, it will be far too dark and you will just need to delete them all afterwards. You in the picture above the sheer volume of people so be patient and expect that you might be pushed into a bit. When you can squeeze into nooks and crannies and edge forward and before you know it you’ll be near the front.

AfterlightImage 8

3. Don’t forget to pack your selfie stick

A selfie stick might sound like old news but the people who got some of the best pictures had them. It will also be a massive help if you are short like me, there were so many tall people stood in front of me blocking my view. Luckily for me my fiancé James is over 6ft so he took some of my pictures for me.

AfterlightImage 7

5. It will be a sun rise that you won’t forget in a hurry. 

Getting up early and being squashed with lots of strangers is so worth it. Not only will you go home with a full phone memory (I’m still deleting and editing some of mine from that day) but also a fond memory of seeing this in person. I am so grateful for all of the travelling I have done and it’s moments like this where you really appreciate how lucky you are to be there.

AfterlightImage 6

Enjoy every minute of it and if you visit do let me know!

You can book your tour to Angkor Wat here with Trip Advisor or Viator.

Katie Travels xo

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