Chichen Itza, Mexico

Mexico has been high on my travel list for a few years and last September we finally headed off for a week in the beautiful sunshine and Caribbean sea. My main aim for the week was to relax in the sun with frozen cocktails & get myself ready for my new job that I would be starting on my return home the week after.

Chitchen Itza is one of the 7 modern wonders of the world; there was no way I could travel to all the way to Mexico and not make the effort to spend the day there. We took a break from the sun beds for one day & I am so glad that we did! 

We set off from our hotel in Riviera Maya very early in the morning and with a stop half way the journey was around 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Since Mexico we have backpacked in in Vietnam and Cambodia and often travelled for 10 hours a day; so looking back the journey to Chitchen Itza wasn’t that bad at all. However, at the time I thought the journey would never end; particularly on the way back to our hotel as it took almost 5 hours in the boiling heat.


Chichen Itza is one of the key iconic ruins from the Mayan times, localted in the Yucatan Peninsula. The structure itself is very well preserved and which is also due to the fact that you can’t walk on it or touch it. As well as the famous pyramid there are various ruins around with an ancient sports court with hoops that reminded me of the Quidditch.


The main attraction at Chichen Itza is the pyramid; El Castillo which is the focal point of the tourist attraction. There are 365 steps on all four sides of El Castillo, each step representing a day in the solar year. The pyramid is dedicated to the feathered serpent God, Kukulcan whose influence you can spot around the ruins with many serpents heads spotted around.

IMG_7382IMG_7383IMG_745422008216_10159483315370323_1085298343359735533_nIMG_7439If you’re visiting Mexico then I would urge you to take a day trip to Chichen Itza. The journey is very long from most resorts & the site itself is frequently hot throughout the year, but if you’re interested in history and . culture then it is so worth it.

Thanks for reading!

Katie x

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