Take a day trip to the Mekong Delta!

Ho Chi Minh is amazing, but after a few days in the city I was eager to see more of Vietnam and explore the countryside. We originally booked a day trip to the Mekong Delta river for Boxing Day but it was cancelled due to the aftermath of a typhoon in the Philippines which was heading to Vietnam. Luckily the day trip went ahead on the following day and we could just about squeeze it into our schedule before heading to Cambodia. 

Setting off early in the morning we were excited for a jam packed day, starting off with a 2 hour drive and then stopping at a temple near the Mekong Delta. Many travellers that we met in South East Asia said they were so bored of visiting temples, I never get bored of visiting a new temple but maybe after a few months of travelling I’d think differently.

26734322_10155960705822381_4354378407605140203_nNOVATEK CAMERA26907072_10160012955945323_5591378672774263432_n26992115_10155960706027381_8080157102127595296_nIn

In the gardens of the temple there were lots of giant buddha statues, with my favourite being the happy buddha statue below. How can you not look at a happy buddha and then feel happy yourself?!


After spending time at the temple and gardens we drove closer to the Mekong river, the longest river in South East Asia, where we would spend the rest of the day on and off boats. Our first stop was a bee farm where we tried fresh honey with hot water and also tried the popular beauty ingredient; Royal jelly.

At this stop there was also the chance to learn about the other beauty products that they made locally; I love supporting local businesses I bought some lovely lip balm that was made with coconut oil. I could have got carried away but I had to remind myself that we had limited space as we were backpacking.

2017_1227_052955_002.jpgOur next stop was a chance to try some local tropical fruit, half of which I’d never seen before, and listen to some traditional live Vietnamese music. We had a great tour guide on this trip, he made sure everyone had a great day and it made a huge difference on how much we enjoyed the day.


The next part of the day was what we were most excited about, as we donned our the triangular Vietnamese hats and got into smaller rowing boats.The way it worked out we were lucky enough to have our own boat which was great.We cruised around the Mekong Delta with local people living and working along the Mekong river, their English was limited but it was great to have an authentic experience in Vietnam.

NOVATEK CAMERA2017_1227_062651_005.jpgimg_5877.jpgimg_5315.jpg26805109_10160012959605323_9213563879591646886_nWe took so many pictures, it was so picturesque we couldn’t help ourselves. Visiting the Mekong Delta was a great day trip and I’m so glad we booked it as we hadn’t really planned to venture outside of Ho Chi Ming city in Vietnam.

The next step of our trip is when we meet our Gecko’s Adventure group & head to Phnom Penh, Cambodia via the land border.

Katie Travels xo

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