Golden Gate Bridge & Sausalito

Cycling over Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito.. 

The Golden Gate bridge is one of the most famous landmarks of San Francisco and I am so pleased that we were advised to cycle over, it made our trip! Renting bikes is very popular in San Francisco and so is the route that we took starting at Fisherman’s Wharf and ending in the beautiful town the other side of the bridge, Sausalito.

FullSizeRender 2 copyNOVATEK CAMERA

You can see from my beginning pictures that the day started off very cloudy but with the weather ranging from 20-23 degrees on the day it was a pleasant day. We spent the whole day outside and even though we had suncream the UV rays are so strong in San Francisco that I actually ended up burnt by the end of the day. With this in mind if you’re visiting San Francisco make sure to wear high factor even when it’s cloudy.

As we cycled over the bridge the clouds started to burn off and by the time we reached Sausalito the sunshine and blue skies arrived, much to my delight. That’s one thing you learn in San Francisco that the weather can change many times in the day (similar to the UK in that respect), so you have to be prepared for wind, sun and cooler times.

I love spinning but I’m not hugely confident at cycling on the road so when we picked up the bikes in I actually didn’t think I was going to enjoy it much. I think there was even a point where I didn’t think I would cycle across the bridge but at this point I thought we’d be cycling on the road with the cars. How wrong I was, there is a separate cycle path for bikes and walkers the whole way along the bridge. The vehicles drove so fast across the bridge, I never would have made it if we were next to them. Throughout the trip there are clearly marked cycle routes and as so many people are going in the same direction you don’t get lost.


The Golden Gate bridge itself is so impressive to look at and I’m really proud to say that we cycled over it. When cycling over the bridge the traffic is really loud, I would have loved to have had some headphones for this part of the cycle. Once over the bridge lots of people turn back around and return their bikes. We decided to cycle to Sausalito, a picturesque small town not too far the other side of the bridge.  To get to Sausalito from the bridge you have to cycle down a very steep hill, I would not have wanted to go back up that hill if I had to get back to the bridge, so make a decision before going down the hill. We had a short cycle around Sausalito and then got the ferry back to Fisherman’s Wharf. There are frequent ferry rides back to San Francisco and this is a popular choice for many tourists. Lots of people do stay for longer in Sausalito to get lunch or drinks and visit the many cute shops.

NOVATEK CAMERAIMG_1912FullSizeRender 4 copyIn total the cycle ended up being around 15km and as you stop quite frequently to take pictures it ended up being around 2 and half hours to 3 hours in total. The route is a great route for all levels of cyclists but you can make your route harder or easier than what we did.

Cycling over the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito ended up being one of the highlights of the whole trip, I would definitely recommend it if you are travelling to San Francisco.

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Thank you for reading!

Katie xxx


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